This page contains Testimonials from my Clients as well as from my fellow Internet Marketing Colleagues whom I have helped. We don’t reveal Contact details of our clients and have Non-Disclosure Agreement with them but I sent a request to a few of them to make a quick video about my services that they have used and they were kind enough to spare some time from their busy schedules to do the same. You may also check out Recommendations on my Linkedin Profile here  from Real Business Owners about me.
Here is a Testimonial from a Surgeon Client using our Services for 2+ Years:

Here is Another Testimonial from a Surgeon who is with us for about 9 months:

Here is a Testimonial from a Client who is a Landscaping Architect:


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“Very generous offer, Deepak Khanna. I am not even at the point where I could take advantage of your assistance yet, but thank you for reaching out to fellow group members who are struggling with this. You are a rock star!”
- Mike Campeau

“Huge shout out to Deepak Khanna, who generously offered to rank a video for me. In less than 3 days he is already ranking page one for several suburbs. Thank you Deepak!”
- Bob Williams

“Deepak your a legend thanks for sharing this info”
- John McKean

“Deepak, whatever you have shared or commented on in over the past few months I have always been impressed by your insights and sound voice. You have as much authority and credibility as the top few experts”
- David Ritchle

“World’s best internet marketing video” Large thumbnail showing in Denver! WTG Deepak! Yes, looking forward to knowing how you did this
- Kris Crowley

“Great Job! Certainly interested in learning how to get the large thumbnails. Please keep me informed if you offer a course in the future. Thanks Deepak Khanna!”
- Tim Edwards

Watch Out Some of Our Results:






Check Out Some Testimonials from Mostly American Seos regarding what they think about Me: