Online Marketing Brief

PLEASE NOTE OUR SERVICES ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE but we are very selective with who we work with. We have a client and project Screening process. We would need to know details about your business and about your website, social media presence, goals etc. before we can commit to your project.

Here are a summary of clients we don’t accept:
1) If you have unrealistic expectations from Internet Marketing or Seo and think that its a a one time magic, we are not for you.
2) If you think you know Internet Marketing or Seo well and want to micromanage someone you hire, we are not for you.
3) If you believe that Online Marketing & Seo costs nothing initially and can be paid only after results, we are not for you.
4) If you are looking for a cheap off-shore provider and not an Expert, we are not for you.
5) If you have a thin affiliate site or want to make money through ads then we are not for you.
6) If you are a Start-up and have no regular revenue yet, we are sorry.

If you belong to any of the above categories, please Don’t contact us, it will save a lot of time for both you and me.
If you are a Real Successful Business with goodwill, reputation and someone who wants to take their business to the Next Level and grow over time and have realistic expectations, I’m more than willing to help you.

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eg. SEO for 2 years X$ budget, Type of work done etc

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Have you lost Significant Organic Traffic from Google to this site or any of your other sites anytime in the past?
Is this website hosted on a Dedicated or unique ip? If Shared hosting, what all other websites you have hosted in the same ip? Was Any previous seo done to any of the other Sites that are hosted on same ip?
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